Indian Institute of Teacher Education A State Public University established by Govt. of Gujarat

Need for a focused approach in the research work being done

Being the only teachers university of its kind in India, it was felt that it is the privilege and the duty of IITE to contribute effectively in suggesting newer methods, theories and reforms in the teacher education scenario. For that the following research strategy is planned. IITE aims to produce research of a high international standard in the field of education.

Vision 2030 - Post Doctoral Fellowship program

For that a special program called "Vision 2030 - Post Doctoral Fellowship Program" is being launched. The selection for fellowships be done by organising interview or scrutiny exam to be taken on the national level.

The aim of the project will be to concentrate on the following

  • Through the program the university wants to help the state and country in deciding the education policy.
  • Where do we stand as a country in teacher education in comparison to the world.
  • The successes of the teacher education in India.
  • The failures of the teacher education in India.
  • What best practices are being implemented across the globe
  • Which of these best practices are suitable in the Indian context
  • What innovations are taking place in best institutes like Azim Premji university, IIMA and such other places
  • Can we develop a model of teacher education?
  • Can we make a projection of teacher education in 2030?