Indian Institute of Teacher Education A State University established by Govt. of Gujarat
Institution Name Department of Education, Center of Education
Course Name Drama/Dance/Painting
Mr. Prashant Tarun Jadav,Visiting Faculty
Mr. Mrunal Chavda,Assistant Professor
Indie Production,Visiting faculty
Ms. Jalpa Patel
Qualified teacher in Dance( Classical -Bharatanatyam), Faculty, IITE, Gandhinagar
Painting/Fine Art
Mr. Yogesh Puwar
Qualified teacher in painting,Fine Art, Faculty, IITE, Gandhinagar

This is a choice based learning programme which offers the introduction to Indian culture in various forms such as dance, drama and painting. It connects the insular human being with the cultural fabric of Indian society and that of the historical roots of Indian culture.

All the three art forms make the pupil-teachers better communicator and improve their emotional understanding of society. They create relaxed environment for pupil-teachers, which will enable them come closer to greater personal achievement. Furthermore, it enhances the spatial-temporal reasoning skills of pupil-teachers i.e. to form mental images, transform/visualize things in space that unfold over time, and recognize relationships between objects.

Admission Closed