Indian Institute of Teacher Education A State Public University established by Govt. of Gujarat

The extraordinary breakthroughs are happening in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, biotechnology, quantum computing and Internet of Things. We are in the cyclone of an unparalleled revolution!!! Today’s educators are shaping the human beings who will coexist with intelligent machines and volatile situations. With technology making information freely available, the relevance of teaching content is dispersing. What we must teach our children is to learn how to learn – to continually reinvent oneself to adapt to and lead change.

If teachers and school leaders crack the code of learning how to learn, they can transform lives. HRTC presents this unique opportunity for Educators to learn all such things by joining different programmes on Learning how to Learn and be future ready!

Keeping this in mind, various programmes in 2019-20 were planned and organised by HRTC.


  • Two FDPs of 7 days each for VED International School Faculties, Kameshwar Trust was organized.
  • Six FDPs of 7 days each for Department of Technical Education (DTE) Faculties were organized.


  • EEP of a day for Indrasheel University Faculties was arranged.
  • Online Webinar for Educators of 3 days was structured as per the need of times during Lockdown period. The topics concentrated upon were Manage your stress with COVID, Use of Google Training & other Apps for online learning and Helping Students to develop interdisciplinary project at home.
  • International E-Conference: POST COVID WORLD-Administration and Strategies for Schools of 3 days was conducted. Renowned International Resource persons were invited to share their expertise on topics which included Being The School Leader, Safety Strategies At Schools, Teaching Strategies In Schools, School Climate And Culture Forum, Curriculum Designing In Schools and Set Of Skills For Next Generation.
  • Online STC for Educators: Online Course Design – An Overview of 5 days was arranged. This module was structured and customised for enhancing knowledge related to Online teaching and evaluation. The topics covered were Exposure to Online Design and Resources, Open Educational resources, Google Tools, Creating own Video Lectures and Conducting Online Assessment.
  • Webinar for Educators: Web Efficacy in Teaching of 4 days was organised. The topics covered were Cyber Security Tips, Creating one’s own website, Making E-Classroom Interactive and Creating PPTs and Maintaining flow for E-Classroom Presentation. This module concentrated upon developing the E-Skills of the Educators.


  • Online Workshop on ICT IN ADMINISTRATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION of 5 days was organised. This module was developed for administrators in higher education. The topics included were New Normal for Administration: Challenges and Opportunities, Advanced Use of ICT in Accounting, ICT soft wares  in Evaluation, E-Governance and Staff Management and  E-File Management System


  • Online Web Colloquy for Parents of 2 days was organised to help parents of teenagers. The topics included were A to Z of Parenting and Safety Measures from COVID 19.


  • WEBINAR on VIDYARTHI MENTAL WELLNESS CHALLENGES of 2 days was organised for students of 10th and 12th grades to help them build inner confidence in the times of pandemic.
  • UGC- NET Coaching Classes for December, 2019 were conducted.

Online NET Coaching Classes for June, 2020 were conducted.