Indian Institute of Teacher Education A State Public University established by Govt. of Gujarat

"Project Based Learning" as an Integral Tool

The idea behind IITE is to produce a complete teacher with national as well as global perspectives, who is powerful in content, pedagogy, skills, is trained, exposed to surroundings, aware of the culture and heritage of the state.

This leads to the idea that the students must learn not only through the classroom teaching but through the field work too. Of late Project Based Learning (PBL) method has been the learning method adopted in the universities across the globe. We have decided to concentrate on PBL. From June 16 onwards, the teaching method would include PBL.

How the PBL will help the students?

Provides Exposure

A teacher ultimately will teach in an institute. If he has seen, visited and done studies on excellent institutes(is exposed to) during his early learning years, he would certainly learn from the process and will implement new ideas learnt at the work place. This is also justified by the fact that the students of IITE are mostly from rural background with less opportunity for exposure.

Knowing Heritage, Legacy, History, Arts, Tourism, Civilisation etc. of the state is very important

A would be teacher is needed to be well informed about the neighbourhood. The courses are designed in such a fashion that the students will study heritage, architecture, history, civilisation, entrepreneurship, tourism of Gujarat.

Implementing PBL

The coordinator would through Internet collect information on the subjects offered, prepare notes on the topic, Prepare format of the Project. Before the visit of the place, coordinator will call an expert of the subject to discuss the topic with the students and mentors concerned.

The coordinator will visit the place along with the groups. Next day the coordinator will organise a discussion on the PBL and depending upon the performance, marks will be given to the groups.

SEM Visiting an Institute of excellence
First month
Heritage & history of Gujarat
Second month
Tourism & architecture Of Gujarat
Third month
Subject PBL
Fourth Month
Divyang PBL
Fifth Month
1 Community Science Centre & Doshi Hussain Gufa Ahmedabad Heritage walk Ahmedabad Studying the Heritage city Akshardham temple Gandhinagar Modern architecture Tourism Best practices Subject PBL Visiting and interacting a blind association
2 Vidhansabha Gandhinagar Political system Meeting officers Best practices Adalaj Ni vav Ahmedabad Architecture Kankaria Carnival Ahmedabad Crowd management Government working Best practices Subject PBL Visiting and interacting a deaf dumb centre
3 Science city Ahmedabad Sarkhej Roja Ahmedabad Architecture History Bird watching Nalsarovar Species of bird Subject PBL Visiting and interacting a centre for mentally retarded
4 EDI Gandhinagar Leadership program Best practices Making of EDI Lothal Dholka civilisation Face to face with a Lion Gir sanctuary The animal The sanctuary Subject PBL Visiting and interacting a centre for learning disability
5 CEPT Ahmedabad Planning GK Modhera Sun temple Architecture Somnath Veraval History Subject PBL Visiting and interacting an old age home.
6 IIMA Ahmedabad World class institute Of management Best practices Making of IIMA Dandi kutir Gandhinagar Freedom struggle Rannotsav, kutch Best practice Subject PBL Visiting and interacting a centre of excellence in disability
7     Academic tour    
8     TET /TAT Training